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Maine Coons have been part of our lives for the past 15 years, we are proud to be registered breeders with the F.C.C.Q.  Our goal in breeding is to maintain the natural look and size of the Maine Coon while ensuring loving and affectionate temperaments.

Our family comprises of our children, the family dogs and of course our big beautiful Maine Coon cats. Since the arrival of our first Maine Coon which seems so long ago now we have discovered a whole new world and true devotion to these incredible felines. When we extended our Maine Coon family by introducing the Polydactyl over 8 years ago it was a first for Australia and a wish come true for us here at Rascal Maine Coons. We will never tire of watching those extra toes in action. These cats are total eye candy and the longer we carry on with our breeding program the more our passion and appreciation for the Maine Coon cat deepens.

 Information about Maine Coons including personality, behavior and what is a Polydactyl can be found on our Information  page as well as some helpful links.

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